Our Motto:

” We do the dirty work, so you can have good clean fun!”

Pool Services

MCP Pools provides 2 types of regular maintenance services:


Our Chemical Only is for homeowners that want to manage their pools without the hassle of storing and/or application of the chemicals to the pool. We test and apply the required chemicals to maintain a balanced and safe swimming experience.


Our Full Service program is to provide the homeowner the ability to enjoy their pool and know that it’s safe to use at any time they are ready to go. We take care of balancing all the chemicals, as well as emptying all the baskets, cleaner, brushing, netting and vacuuming the pool. We also monitor the equipment and pool for signs of forthcoming issues such as leaks and breakdowns. We are more than willing to customize a weekly program specifically for your pool, if you have special requirements.

ADDED VALUE: Included with your service

In addition to the services above:

Run Time Adjustments: We adjust your pool run times to make sure the water is being filtered properly, but at the same time, not running all the time wasting electricity.

Freeze Guard Checks: Beginning in the early fall, we test all freeze guards to ensure that they are operating prior to the cold season.

Equipment Checks: On a monthly basis we turn all equipment on to ensure proper operation. Nothing more frustrating than to decide to get into the Hot Tub and find that the heater will not work or deciding to turn on your water features for a party or gathering and find the pump isn’t working.


If you have a business trip, family vacation, or just wish to get away but have a pool to worry about we have your back. We can take care of all your pool needs while you are away for as many weeks as you need.

One Time Cleaning

Pool season is about to begin, but your pool is gross and disgusting? Do not worry we can come in, clean it up and get you set for a summer full of fun.

We can take care of it all, from just a simple 1 time service of balancing your chemicals and get a few leaves and dirt out to the pool, to that foreclosed on home that was forgotten.

Filter Cleaning

A lot of customer forget about the importance of their pool filter. Filters are designed to remove the debris that our eyes can not even see. When you can see the debris in the water or your pool is cloudy…..  It’s too late.

Let us maintain your filter at top efficiency following manufacturer recommended cleaning and maintenance. We clean, inspect and lube all the required components to ensure your filter lasts and your pool looks great!